Saturday, August 18, 2012

Art Books On My Bookshelf

No one can ever have enough printed art books.

Art Books have to be real (smile), for me they have to be printed on paper. I want to be able to touch them, have them open, for instance next to my bed and wake up to see the beauty of an artwork. Or leave them at my desk to be reminded of the textures, colour palettes, and techniques that other artists feel inspired by.

My longtime favorites are artist monographs about:

Eva Aeppli, Georgia O'Keefe, Emma Kunz, Henry Moore, Mark Rothko, Brancusi, Chihuly, Paul Klee, Kandinsky, Andy Goldsworthy, Takao Tanabe, Rupprecht Geiger...

Dale Chihuly works primarily with glass. In my understanding he has this wonderful vision of lines, colours and shapes and is able to bring it to live by using glass. On the other hand he creates big drawings using household items to move paint around. It is a free process without prior prediction of the outcome and still it is his very personal artistic language.

The Art of Dale Chihuly shows you his glass works in various settings.

 The image brings you to the amazon site where you can have a look inside the book.


  1. A beautifully printed art book, cup of tea and a quiet moment....lovely!
    Chihuly's work looked like writing from that thumbnail...the type that would be used for a Tim Burton-esque film

  2. Interesting thought Becky, perhaps Tim Burton and Dale Chihuly know each other. (smile)