Monday, September 3, 2012

Visually Inspiring Day Trips in Nova Scotia (no.2)

From a caterpillar's point of view.
Uniacke Estate Museum Park in Mt. Uniacke. It is one of the most beautiful Heritage sites in Nova Scotia. The mansion always reminds me of the movie ‘Going With The Wind’.

From the Museum Brochure:
“Imagine: It’s 1820. Your visiting this grand new country house and its parkland. Your host is Richard John Uniacke, an Irishman. A prominent citizen and Attorney General, he is a man whose fortune was made in Nova Scotia. His estate is created in the English style of his youth.”

The Estate has 7 walking trails that bring you to various interesting sites in the park: Wetlands, Drumlin Field, Uniacke Lake/Lake Martha, and more. The trails lead you along the lake or through beautiful forests with old trees.
Also take a walk inside the house and hear the stories about the ghosts that still live there. Period costumes, furniture and the original kitchen (now functioning as a tearoom) invite to explore the past.
After your explorations take a break under the old trees and have a pick-nick at the tables that are there for visitors. Here you can relax, take out your sketchbook, take some photos, write, or find a new place for the caterpillar that just walked over your keyboard. (smile)

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