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Lucky me

Finally I have found an online art store that has enough small canvases in store. The canvases are ordered and should arrive here in about ten days. Cross your fingers.

Surprise and Plan B

Got a call from the art store. The canvases are not available at the moment. I would have to wait four month and this is not sure either. Have tried to find a new source but without a positive result. But there is still Plan B. Plan B: I will create the canvases myself. Various possibilities are presenting themselves. Will try some and decide which one works best. Stay tuned.

Where does it start?

24 canvases painted with colours of choice laid out start of the creative possibilities add some more and become bolder

Today is International Artist Day

Today is International Artist Day. What does that mean to you? To me it means that I take the 100% professional approach to my artistic working day. Meaning? Today; I go in my home studio and paint, create, get myself inspired while doing what I love the most - painting. Working from home is wonderful and at the same time difficult. Too many things that have not yet been done, not put away, not cleaned up, not washed or cooked. Little chores that scream at me from the corners, when I listen to them, when I listen to the distraction or procrastination even. Today is International Artist Day and I am not listening to them - I am listening inside - I am listening to the dance of my heartbeat and let the colours of this day flow onto the canvas. And when I am done with this small report no computer for the rest of the day. A late afternoon coffee with a new friend and an evening with likeminded artists working on the group exhibition in February. From now on I like to have an artis

Collecting Inspiration

This morning I collected this observations. I will not add any feelings or emotions to it. I try to be free of judgment today. Was not always easy writing this list. - first frost on cars - cold, crisp air on my skin - sun, golden above - fog in the distance - car pulls out of the driveway and leaves a cloud of fumes in the air - power company cutting trees - walk on the street - cars passing - school bus stops for me - smile and nods from the school bus students - community park deserted - fog over lake - calmness surrounding stones in the water - fog moving up and down - no horizon yet - reflection of trees comes and goes - only sound the shutter of my camera and some birds in the distance - blue sky above the fog - horizon shows itself and disappears - birches and alders lining the path - light through branches It is good to look, hear and take in what is.

Ordered 700 canvases today

In front of the creative market place. Barrington Street, Halifax Barrington Street, Halifax In front of the canvas boards. The canvases are ordered and will arrive in about 2-3 weeks.