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Art Books On My Bookshelf

No one can ever have enough printed art books. Art Books have to be real (smile), for me they have to be printed on paper. I want to be able to touch them, have them open, for instance next to my bed and wake up to see the beauty of an artwork. Or leave them at my desk to be reminded of the textures, colour palettes, and techniques that other artists feel inspired by. My longtime favorites are artist monographs about: Eva Aeppli, Georgia O'Keefe, Emma Kunz, Henry Moore, Mark Rothko, Brancusi, Chihuly, Paul Klee, Kandinsky, Andy Goldsworthy, Takao Tanabe, Rupprecht Geiger... Dale Chihuly works primarily with glass. In my understanding he has this wonderful vision of lines, colours and shapes and is able to bring it to live by using glass. On the other hand he creates big drawings using household items to move paint around. It is a free process without prior prediction of the outcome and still it is his very personal artistic language. The Art of Dale Chihuly shows you h

Creative Update e-Newsletter

Every two month I'm sending out my e-Newsletter Creative Update. The last one just came out last week. Please go here to read it .  You will get information on my Website Launch, Society of Canadian Artists (SCA), and Gallery representation. If you like to receive it, please make sure to sign up here , on my website , or send me a note via e-mail and I will add you to the distribution list.  I respect your privacy and will never share your information with a third party.

Lego Celebrates its 80th Anniversary

Did you grow up with Lego too? I loved the endless possibilities that it opened up. We didn't have the fancy space shuttles or Star Wars setting but we were happy with all the Lego blocks we had. When we got, for the first time, a lamp that lightened up our new lego house it was spectacular. Now Lego is celebrating and telling the story.

Visually Inspiring Day Trips in Nova Scotia

Peggy's Cove, NS photo by Jacqueline Steudler July 31, 2012 Although I wouldn’t call myself a landscape painter I’m still very much inspired by the beauty of   Nova Scotia’s land and seascape. If you visit Nova Scotia you don’t want to miss Peggy’s Cove. Although it has been visited by many and millions of images have been taken by amateur and professional photographers, and the lighthouse, fisher boats, and village have been painted on canvas thousand of times, this seascape still fascinates me. It is a place that speaks to me, the colours of the rocks, the people walking them, the lighthouse reflected in water puddles, the colours of the buoys, the fisher nets, lobster traps, the red schoolhouse, and the village people (31 of them living there all year round). It is a place for contemplation, wind blown hair, and new insights. It doesn’t matter what time of the day or even what the season, Peggy’s Cove is worth to visit and to linger.

Latte and Studio Time

I like a good Latte, especially if it comes with an art work like this one. Thank you to Two If By Sea Cafe in Dartmouth and Halifax for supporting my need. (smile) Watching Zane how he moves the milk around holding the cup of coffee just at the right angle to make it work is fascinating. There is the routine shape and then there is the smile on his face when he tries something new.  The flow of movement and the joy of trying out new possibilities is what brings me into my studio every day. A smile forming when a painting just starts to come together. And then there is the time when a Latte and a stroll at the waterfront are just enough to make me smile.