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(just) Colours

Interaction #412 by Jacqueline Steudler Interaction #414 by Jacqueline Steudler Interaction #415 by Jacqueline Steudler

Dashing through the snow .......

Interaction #536 by Jacqueline Steudler I wish you all a wonderful Merry Christmas and a wonderful Holiday Season.

Ink on Gouache

Interaction #346 by Jacqueline Steudler Love the open possibilities this project gives me. I drew with ink on the gouache coloured canvas and scratched out some of it.

Stained Glas?

Interaction #336 by Jacqueline Steudler Remember my post from last week? The one with the lines? While those paintings were drying the sun was beaming in and the colours of my stained glas panel reflected onto the drying canvases. Here an attempt to depict it in a new work.

Let it Flow

Interaction #286 by Jacqueline Steudler I found some left over paint from a project I worked on in 2010. A wonderful warm fall afternoon called me outside to enjoy. Why not bring those paints out as well and let it flow. And yes there are some colourful spots in our driveway still.

Straight Lines

Interaction #286 by Jacqueline Steudler Has it to do with the fact, that I needed a straight line after all the organic flowing forms. I don't know. Perhaps it just happened that a roller was sitting next to the finished pieces and I thought - What if....?

Organic Forms

Interaction #250 by Jacqueline Steudler You all know by now that I really like organic shapes and forms. This one is inspired by an other work that I did in the spring for the 'Inspired' group show at the Mary E. Black Gallery in Halifax. It was called Fragments and you can see it on my website here .


Interaction #232 Pattern have taken over. Playful scratching and adding.

Back on track

Interaction # 212 by Jacqueline Steudler Sorry for not posting for such a long time. I actually was just busy creating. In the following weeks I want to show you more of the created works. Come back often to enjoy.

Colours of the Day

Although the full colour range is in front of me, my hands are drawn to those colours. R and F oil sticks

Back to Work

After the summer break: get the dust off the brushes, sharpen the pencils, and bring creative ideas to the canvas.

Possible Installation

99 interaction paintings-possibel installation


colour inspired by Jacqueline Steudler

Softness and Strengh

by Jacqueline Steudler


dancing by Jacqueline Steudler

Spring is in the Air

Play with it by Jacqueline Steudler

International Women Celebrate in Ayr, Ontario

Wonderful artshow that brings together 106 woman artists to celebrate the 100 years of International Women's Day. I created a painting as well for the show and feel very blessed to be a part of it. Thank you for all your work Jill Yuzwa, Jeannette and Kim.


Interaction Project no 12


Interaction project no 9 Friday I photographed all the finished paintings that were dry enough.


Layers of paint, various colours, put on and taken down, played with and scratched off. The possibilities to work with oil sticks is endless.

Shall I leave a comment?

We all know that we don't like to leave a comment on a blog if we have to give our email address. Blogger does it because it wants to be sure, that you are a person and not a spam robot. My solution was to create a google account = gmail address (which I needed anyway to set up this blog with blogger ☺). I use the gmail address especially to leave comments on blogs. This way my regular email address is protected.  I like to receive comments. ☺ My comment settings are set to preview. This means that your comment does not appear right away. I have to approve it first. Please be patient. Thank you for taking the time.

Sunny Days and Good Music

I had a great studio day yesterday. Working away while chanting songs from the past.


Playful moment in time by Jacqueline Steudler The hands, the sticks move playful over the surface. Touch there, scrape off, move on, a joyful moment.

More Winterwonderland

Yesterday and over night again about 20cm new snow. We were surprised that we had to shovel again this morning. Now I am in the studio and the sun is beaming in. The reflection from the snowy trees makes my room bright and clear. Bright colours are finding their way onto the canvas boards.


Nothing to do with the project and still to do with it. Inspiration in the air and on the ground. Viewing the Eagles fly by, eat and sit. Snow, cold feet and a camera. Loved it. More about the Eagle Watch you will find here :

Smile Inside

Wonderful to be in the studio. Inside my soul a big smile is forming while my hands are dancing over the canvas boards and new combination of colours appear.

Colourful Vibration

Today the colours are vibrating. It is good to feel the quite combination of warmth. Tomorrow I will bring four paintings to the VANS regional group exhibition in Dartmouth NS. Fifty artists are showing artworks in the Paris Salon style. This means that you will see all the gallery walls filled with paintings from ceiling to the floor. I can’t wait to see it all.

Back in the Studio

Warmth shines through the middle. by Jacqueline Steudler After a short winter break I am back in the studio. The colour are warming my soul during the cold winter days.

Cheers to the New Year!