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Time to Leave

Ken and Aliah enjoying the raclette Thank you Chris and Ken for a wonderful time at the Centre. Your hospitality and kindness makes leaving really hard. Being able to concentrate on only my creative ideas was great. The show is still up. I will be back soon. Thank you Chris for a fantastic culinary raclette experience with all of you on my last day. mhmmm raclette

Moon is on the rise

work in progress by Jacqueline Steudler Last night the moon was just hanging over the horizon. The darkness here (no light pollution) is stunning. It is an inspiring waxing moon.

Inspiration Found

Drawing by Jacqueline Steudler Inspiration comes from all sides. A walk in the woods, a stroll at the beach, a dark night with a waxing moon... Drawing becomes the playful path to new possibilities.

A Day with the Children

Last week was March Break filled with art activities at the Ross Creek Centre. The children and camp staff where rearranging the installation with lots of enthusiasm. Here the slideshow/movie:

Interaction in full swing.

March Break at Ross Creek

This week I'm in the gallery at the Ross Creek Centre for the Arts. All the March Break children have taken over the studios. I'm greeting them in the gallery twice a day for interaction and rearranging of the paintings. It is lots of fun to see their ideas unfold.

Special encounter on my way back to Ross Creek.

Just sitting on an old tree next to the street. Will never take them for granted.

Lets start

A new start is always good. All done. Sunsets are just amazing here.

Opening Reception at Ross Creek Centre

Sunday, March 4th! A day I had waited for for so long. And here I was at the Ross Creek Centre for the Arts hoping that visitors would take the opportunity to interact with the moveable paintings. I should not have worried at all. Adult and children alike started to rearrange the small paintings right away. Look for yourself. I'm still smiling. Thank you to all that came out.

Installation of Interaction - The Movie

Finally the movie is here for you to see how Bill and I installed the Interaction Project. I was glad that it worked out so well. Stud sensor be blessed. Tomorrow I will upload the movie of the opening reception from last Sunday. Enjoy:

Artist Residency starts

Snow awaits me on the first day. Glad to have brought my winter boots. Studio B at the Ross Creek Centre becomes my creative home for this week. I'm fast set up.