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Lunch & Learn Series at The Halifax Club Exhibition

Lunch & Learn Series 12:00noon to 1:30p.m. $29.95 for Members/$44.95 for Non Member Guests RSVP 423-8460 ext 3, or reservation(at)   Friday, October 12th: Joy Snihur Wyatt Laking presents “An Art Project in Remote Bolivia” Joy has made several trips to Bolivia including 5 weeks this year volunteering on an art project in conjunction with the Ivar Mendez International Foundation. Joy will talk about her experience, showing pictures of the mountainous area, of the paintings that she produced and of the art that the local people produced. One of Nova Scotia’s best known painters, Joy has been a professional artist for the past 40 years. She has had several national solo exhibitions, including one at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. Tuesday, October 30th: Naomi Levine & Peter Gough present “What is Art? The Value of Art & Collecting Art” Peter Gough will share excerpts from a speech given by Kevin Spacey at the Kennedy Centre in Washington, DC a


Over the last couple of month I have been inspired by the moon. The paintings I have created so far have sometimes a dreamlike feel to it but also depict what I experienced last March at a clear night at the Ross Creek Centre for the Arts in Canning. The cold air and the distance to the city lights, makes for wonderful star gazing. It was a night of a very young waxing moon when I saw this slice of light coming up over the horizon. A small piece of the moon reflecting the light of the sun. The strength of the light was amazing. I started to pay even more attention to the moon in the last couple of months. I will continue to explore the shades, the light, the lines and the night colours. Detail of Waxing Moon by Jacqueline Steudler One of the moon paintings 'Atlantic Moon' will be shown at the SCA Elected Member Exhibition at the Halifax Club in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Opening Reception: Sunday, September 30 from 2-6 p.m.