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Fun-TAS-tic Exhibition in Tatamagouche

One of the most inspiring art teacher I have known

Summer seems to be a time of contemplation. Everything slows down a bit. There is no rush in the heat of the day anymore. Brushstrokes are softer. So it seems in my creative world. I just got an invitation to my friends opening in Switzerland. For many years she has been my art teacher in Switzerland, she inspired me to see the human body (of any shape) as sacred, she brought dancers to the studio to teach us to capture movements with speedy brushes, she went outside with us to indulge in the colours of a vibrant city, through her I enhanced my ability to see colours everywhere. She inspired me to find my own creative voice, to not give up, to stay on track, to push boundaries, to be myself, and to try harder. She always kept true to herself. If you are near by visit Maria Kaegi’s new show in Baden (near Zurich, Switzerland).

Summer Reading

What keeps me from creating new paintings in the summer? Yes, it is the beautiful sunny weather and the books. This year my summer reading list includes the following books: 'The Virgin Cure' by Amy McKay, which draw me into the 19th Century New York. Amy McKay is able to recreate the mood and the places so vividly that I sometimes smelt the muddy streets and thought I heard the carriage rattle by. I'm enjoying right now 'When God was a Rabbit' by Sarah Winman: funny, sad, uplifting, and thoughtful. Waiting to be read are the following novels by Gillian Flynn: