Thursday, October 14, 2010

Collecting Inspiration

This morning I collected this observations. I will not add any feelings or emotions to it. I try to be free of judgment today. Was not always easy writing this list.
- first frost on cars
- cold, crisp air on my skin
- sun, golden above
- fog in the distance
- car pulls out of the driveway and leaves a cloud of fumes in the air
- power company cutting trees
- walk on the street
- cars passing
- school bus stops for me
- smile and nods from the school bus students
- community park deserted
- fog over lake
- calmness surrounding stones in the water
- fog moving up and down
- no horizon yet
- reflection of trees comes and goes
- only sound the shutter of my camera and some birds in the distance
- blue sky above the fog
- horizon shows itself and disappears
- birches and alders lining the path
- light through branches
It is good to look, hear and take in what is.

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