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Opening on March 4

Interaction by Jacqueline Steudler
March 4th – April 27th, 2012

Opening Reception: Sunday, March 4th    12 to 4pm

Ross Creek Centre for the Arts is pleased to present Jacqueline Steudler’s solo exhibition “Interaction.” This show consists of an impressive 586 mutable miniature paintings that examine the dialogue between the artwork and viewer. Steudler, who has close ties to Ross Creek since 2008, has chosen this site as the ideal space for her work because of the Centre’s place as a creative community hub. In this exhibition, Steudler subverts the common perception that painting is mostly a visual experience. In fact, she encourages viewers to “play” with her paintings by rearranging them to produce new colour combinations and varying compositions.

In March, the public will have the rare opportunity to observe the artist-in-residence at work in the gallery. Steudler will photograph the fleeting moments of shape and light visible in her paintings over the duration of the exhibition. She is most intrigued by the relationship between the small paintings to the whole, and the intimacy that can be found between the art and the viewer.


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