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International Professional Female Artists Collaboration - 2023 Calendars and Planner

I'm happy to announce that one of my artworks

is featured in an international 2023 calendar project. 😍

I'm honoured to be a part of this fantastic group of women. 

86 professional female artists have come together this year to produce fabulous and inspiring art calendars and a planner for you. 

We offer a nature + landscapes, OR abstract, OR representational (this means pictures of items you recognize, such as animals or objects) wall calendar or a 52-week planner journal with monthly and weekly pages. 

The calendars will ship from the US in December.

You can see the flip-through videos for each offer at

The wall calendars feature 8.5 x 11" artwork (closest to A4 international size), space for writing, and a spiral center so you can easily hang them and see the art. Here's a tip: when the month is over, tear out the art and put your favourites in a frame as "mini art prints!"

The planner is a gorgeous easy-to-carry 6" x9" (152.4 x 228.6 mm) full-colour bound paperback book with art on every facing page, so you always see something beautiful.

12 Artists in the Natures + Landscapes Calendar

12 Artists in the Abstract Calendar

12 Artists in the Representational Calendar, including me. 

50 Artists in the Planner book

Thank you to Kira McCoy for the many hours collecting the artworks, organizing 86 artists and designing the calendars. And thank you to Jessica Hughes for initiating this collaboration and her inspirational support.


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